Discord/Global Rules


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When joining the discord you automatically agree to abide by these rules and staff will be constantly enforcing them, if you find yourself breaking the rules then punishments will be handed out, so make sure you take a minute to read through this list and keep having fun here at Adel!
- Advertisement of any sort is not permitted at AdelCraft
- Toxicity and harassment are not permitted.
- Misleading staff is not allowed.
- Only use specific language that matches the chat.
- No spamming on any platforms affiliated with AdelCraft
- Do not impersonate staff or players.
- Racism/Homophobia is not tolerated.
- Death threats, DDoS threats, Dox threats, and any sort of death encouraging messages are NEVER permitted.
- DDosing and Doxing will result in a PERM ban.
- IRL trading is not allowed.
- Ban & Mute evading is not allowed.
- Miscellaneous links are not tolerated at all.
Last Updated - Monday April 12th 2021
NOTE - This rules are subject to change at anytime without warning, so make sure you are constantly reviewing them.
Many Thanks, The Management Team.
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